About Hemisphere Brewing Co.

The inception of Hemisphere Brewing Company began in a garage with the ultimate curiosity of flavorful beers, and a hunger for more fermentation knowledge and understanding.  As musicians we found a very common creativity science behind making a great song that sounded and felt good, to brewing which is also harmonious.  It’s equally science and theory – It’s equally satisfying and art.  After years of continuous brewing, dissecting, understanding, creating, testing, tasting and wanting more, we brewed many different styles of beers, but were still thirsty for more; more understanding, more creating, more testing, more knowledge.  With the years of brewing, it just hasn’t and doesn’t go away.  Our beer isn’t commodity driven, but passion driven – we are passionate about quality and flavor.  Like a good song on the radio that you listen to cranked up to 11, we believe every beer that you drink from Hemisphere Brewing will be flavorful, and an artistic and creative experience..turned up to 11

We have spent years formulating our recipes to be world class beers, even if they’re not created on the biggest and most expensive equipment.  Many beers have been created, tested, dumped, and started all over again until in meets our standards.  We are not afraid to lose beer that doesn’t live up, and we aren’t afraid to start again.  Quality is imperative.  Every beer we offer, we want to be a creative experience.  While we realize that not every style of beer is everyone’s favorite, we shoot to make that the best it can be, for the craft beer enthusiast to those who are looking for simplicity.

After searching for 2 years to find our location, we finally landed our building at 2015 Kristy Ln, in Rockwall on October 1, 2014.  In these years following we received our certificate of occupancy and had many (many, many) setbacks, with tear-outs, construction and getting our building up to code for on-site consumption.  We sacrificed everything to get our brewery up, and faced many obstacles, but on March 17, 2017 we were able to finally open our doors to the public.  Our journey has only begun, but we believe these years of sacrifice and work have prepared us for growth with more beers, and many new faces.  Our metroplex (Dallas/Ft Worth) have unbelievable breweries, and we consider them all brothers and we know we couldn’t be a part of a better craft beer world.  We are addicted to good music; we are addicted to fermentation, and we are addicted to quality.  Come see us!

The Brewery

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